Konica Minolta CR

Konica Minolta CR Cassettes

Cassettes and Plates for Xpress / Ique / Nano
Xpress/IQue/Nano Cassette and Plate in Sizes 8x10, 10x12, 11x14, 14x17, 14x14, 18x24, 24x30
Xpress High Density Casstte and Plate in Sizes 18x24 and 24x30
Xpress/IQue/Nano Cassette and Plate 15x30 for Panoramic Dental Appilcations
C-Plate for Gen Rad Sizes 8x10 and 10x12 for use with reader 210

Stitching Cassettes and Plates for Xpress / Ique / Nano
To perform stitching you must include Stitching Software, Stitching Cassette and Plate Kit and Stitching Cassette Holder.
We carry all the stitching cassettes and plates as well as the Orthopedic imaging applications kits.

Radiation Therapy Cassettes and Plates for Xpress / Ique / Nano
Radiation Therapy Set 14x17

Mammography Cassettes and Plates
Mammography Cassette and Plate in sizes 18x24 and 24x30

Merry X-Ray / SourceOne Healthcare only sell inside the United States.
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